“Eye For An Eye” by Vicky Amadea – Episode 1


Holly’s POV

Spring 1975

You and Lily can come to my home if they did something cruel to you, Hol. The two of you will always be welcomed at my house,” James stated as I began crying after receiving a letter from Peppy, my snow white owl.


“Enjoying your lone time with the weirdo, Mudblood?” Snape sneered as he walked past me.

Remus hugged me without saying anything. We were having our lunch at the Great Hall when the letter came. Remus was sitting on my left and James squeezed on my right. Sirius and Peter sat across us, sipping their pumpkin juice.

“They are so cruel to tell you that through a letter,” Sirius groaned, reading the whole letter by heart.

“You’ve been so strong all these years, Prim,” Remus tightened his hug.

“Yeah, Because you lot are always by my side. especially Siri and you, the two of you always make me laugh and kept me company all these years. Just like how Marley, Mary, Dorcas and Alice kept Lily all these years,” I said.

“Enjoying your lone time with the weirdo, Mudblood?” Snape sneered as he walked past me. I heard that and I was angry but I had no power to stand and confront him at this rate.

“James, hold it,” Remus said, holding James who was currently boiling with anger.

“Look, the lanky scar-face could speak,” Lucius sneered.

“Shut it, Lucius!” Sirius snapped as he slammed the table. “You’ll see later, Greasy!” He exclaimed.

“Happy now, SNAPE?” Lily said as she threw a spoon to Snape’s head.

“You have no rights to throw this to me, Mudblood,” Snape shouted, puffing his chest and looking at Lily like she was some kind of crap, causing the whole Gryffindor table to look at him.

“SHUT IT,” James finally shot up from his seat and threw a punch to Snape’s face really hard. “DON’T YOU DARE CALLING THE EVANS TWINS WITH THAT RUDE WORD EVER AGAIN, I AM WARNING YOU!!! Dare to do so, I would not hesitate to not only break your nose into halves but also your limbs,” James threatened.

“I don’t answer to a blood-traitor like you, Potter,” Severus growled.

“I don’t want to waste my fist for you neither, you ass-hat!” James let out his cynical remarks.

“Now, Scatter, Snivellus. You and all your Slytherin Poopbrains!” Sirius said as he growled at Snape.

“Lily,” Marlene said, hugging Lily who was crying. She was very close to Snape and it broke her heart hearing that rude word out of Snape’s mouth.

“I’ll ask Professor McGonagall if I could come late to Transfiguration. I need to calm her down,” Remus said. He didn’t leave me. He stayed with me.

“I’ll do it for you two and Macdonald and McKinnon and you too, my love, Evans,” James said as he walked to the teachers’ table, talking to Professor McGonagall. Not long after that, James got back to our spot and nodded his head.

“She said you lot could stay behind and have a make-up class with her this weekend. I entrusted the twins to you lot, Remus, Marley, Macdonald,” James said as he messed my hair.

“Thanks, James,” I said as Remus escorted me back to the common room.

To be continued..