“Eye for an Eye” by Vicky Amadea – Episode 2


You don’t have to come to class today, Prim,” Remus said as we sat on the red velvet couch by the fireplace. Remus took his warm spring duvet and covered my legs with it. His arm was slung over my shoulder protectively.

“John, why are you here? like most of the Slytherins said, I’m a mudblood. They said I’m not worth it to have you lot around me,” I said, leaning onto his shoulder.

“Why are you here for a werewolf?” he reversed the question to me.

“Because you are the very first friends I made in my first year. and I can’t afford to lose you,” I snuggled into his chest. His shoulder felt much warmer than the fireplace and the duvet I might say. and his peppermint breath sprays and his chocolaty scents along with those musky perfume of his, it made me felt like I was in the arms of my favorite person, indeed I was.

“My answer to your question would be the same as yours. I mean you were the one who witnessed my transformation back when we were eleven. You stayed with me, down by the shrieking shack,” Remus said as he kissed the top of my head. “I would do anything to make the tears go away from you, forever.”

“Speaking of which, can we pull a prank?” I said, throwing my best puppy eyes.

“How can I say no to you?” He smiled and helped me with the duvet and got ready.

“Actually yesterday, I have prepared some Polyjuice potion for all five of us. along with the hairs of Narcissa Black, Lucius Malfoy, Alecto Carrow, Rabastan Lestrange, and Rodolphus Lestrange. James made the hair color changer potion and have poured into his spare shampoo. I am about to make this the best prank ever. and not only you but Sirius, Peter and James have to help me with this.”

“Malfoy and Black made out in the washroom!” That lanky black-haired boy shouted loudly.

I grinned mischievously, pulling out some Dung bombs, ton-tongue candies, a vial of love-potion, a box of snacks, and some cauldron cakes infused with sleeping draughts.

“Brilliant! we had to wait for the others to come back and see this,” Remus grinned.

“And you didn’t invite us?” James said as he clicked his tongue.

“Of course you lot are invited, James,” I smiled. I handed him the polyjuice flask along with Rabastan’s hair.

“Sirius,” I handed him Rodolphus’ hair along with the potion in a flask.

“Peter,” I said, giving him a flask of Polyjuice potion along with Alecto’ hair.

“John,” I handed him Lucius’ hair and shared my potion in a cup together with him. “You’re moving with me.”

“As for me,” I sprinkled Narcissa’s hair and stirred the potion.

“Cheers,” the five of us clanked the flasks together and drank the whole potion. We slowly turned into the respected hair owners.

“Bloody Hell,”

“Do we look good together?” I hugged Remus’ arm.

“James, slip the dung bombs all around the common room. Peter, send the cauldron cakes to Lucius and his cronies. Make sure all the boys and Narcissa eats the cakes until the last bite. Sirius, remember you are going to be Rodolphus. These cakes are infused with love potion. Put this on Bellatrix’s bed. if you lot are done, scatter all the Zonko products all over the common room. I’ll go with Remus to the bathroom to switch Lucius’ shampoo,” I grinned.

“Will do, Chief,” James grinned as we all walked right into the common room after saying the password.

“Love Potion?” Remus frowned.

“Well as you know, I have been hanging out with Lily and Professor Slughorn lately. He had a cauldron filled with Amortentia and I sneaked a few flasks in. He even gave me the password to the common room.” I grinned.

“I wonder why you haven’t said yes to our offer for joining the marauders,” James said.

“Speaking of Amortentia, what did you smell?” Sirius whispered.

“Musk, Parchment, Old Books, Barks of Trees, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Peppermint Breath spray,” I whispered silent enough to keep it away from Remus.

“Let’s go. The password is Bloody Baron,” I said and we stood in front of the painting of Bloody Baron and Remus spoke the password confidently.

“Scatter,” James whispered after we got into the dungeon.

Remus pulled me into the shower room. we searched for Lucius Malfoy’s toiletries supplies. as soon as we found it, I switched his shampoo with the shampoo we created.

“Wait, make it like Lucius and Narcissa make out in the shower room,” Remus grinned as he planted a hickey on the crook of my neck, sending chills down my spine.

“Let’s go,” I pulled his hand out of the room with a deep red blush on my face.

“Hey, Guys! Malfoy finally made it official,” a Slytherin boy shouted as the other kids looked at us.

“What happened?” James (seen as Rabastan) asked walking down the stairs.

“Malfoy and Black made out in the washroom!” That lanky black-haired boy shouted loudly.

“They What?” Sirius– no, Rodolphus said, joining us.

“Can’t you two just look at the hickey on Black’s neck?” Betty Parkinson shouted.

The four of us shook Parkinson’s comment and walked out of the common room to the storage room and quietly changing our clothes to Gryffindor robes and uniforms at the broom storage before the sleeping draughts wore off, Peter joined us at the broom storage right after we went out of the dungeon.

“Let’s wait till tomorrow morning for Malfoy to get that redhead,” I grinned.

It was worth an act of revenge for the whole gang though. At least for today.

To be continued…