“Eye for an Eye” by Vicky Amadea – Episode 3



James’ POV

Peter, Sirius, Holly, Remus and I walked to the great hall with smiles plastered on our faces. Revenge never tasted better than this. McKinnon, Macdonald, Fortescue, Lily and Meadowes welcomed us at the great hall, saving us a better spot to have a better sight of Lucius and his cronies. McKinnon peered closer to Sirius, causing him to blush madly.

“Black, Potter, Pettigrew, what have you just done to that stupid Malfoy and his cronies?” the blonde asked.

“How did you lot do that?” This came from Meadowes.

“And how come Holly has a hickey on her neck?” Macdonald asked.

“I did that, Mary. We had to make it looked so realistic on this one,” Remus answered. 

“Remus,” Holly whined as she hid her reddened face behind Remus’ patched sweater.

“Well, it appeared that Holly planned everything on her own. We only followed every single plan of hers.” Sirius smirked.

“The Slytherins were all pranked. a third of them had their tongues engorged. The other third of them had a bad stomach. Bellatrix was sort of smitten madly by Rodolphus. and some other had puss-filled zits all over their faces. What’s more is that Malfoy git came here with a bright red head and Snape came with fusses about how his bedroom smelled like a ton of dung-bombs.” Frank said. “You lot should’ve been on a guerilla last night?” He eyed us playfully.

“Roger that,” I nodded. “Thank you, Poppy,” I said, waving my hand to the woman in front of me.

Holly laughed heartily as she heard that from Frank. “Yes, Frankie, we are having so much fun.” She said.

“You totally are a badass, Holly,” Frank grinned and offered Holly a high-five.

“Revenge is sweet,” Holly grinned widely and made a loud high-five with Frank.

“Sporting a redhead, Malfoy,” I shouted to the other end of the hall, where the Slytherin table was. I could see Malfoy’s face went really red like a boiled crab.

“Looks good on you, butthead,” Holly shouted.

“Look who’s following who?” Sirius added playfully.

Lucius and his cronies looked so pissed. beside that shampoo lasted for a month. So, you know he’d probably have redhead for the whole month of his life. It would give him lesson not to piss the marauders off. you know how nasty we could prank one-self when we were pissed.

Just because Holly and Lily were Muggle-borns, doesn’t mean anyone could offend them by calling them ‘Mudbloods’. my parents used to tell me, “Muggle-borns, Half-Bloods, or Pure-Bloods doesn’t matter. make friends with whom you can always count on. We always welcomed all of your friends with our doors open for them.”

“Eat that, losers,” Marlene shouted.

“Guys, I’ll be off with Remus to see Madam Pomfrey, kay?” Holly said as she passed me a note.

‘Go check the lunar calendar. I am gonna skip Binn’s class to accompany Moony to the Whomping Willow.’

“Wait why?” Marlene asked.

“It’s my first day of the period. Besides, Remus needs to do some research. We’re skipping Binn’s class,” She reasoned as everybody nodded.

Holly’s POV

“Madam Pomfrey, is the potion ready?” Remus and I were paying a Visit to the hospital wing.

“Here, it’s his dosage for today. Have him drink this before the moon rises, Evans. I’m counting on you,” she said. “Take him to the willow.” 

“Roger that,” I nodded. “Thank you, Poppy,” I said, waving my hand to the woman in front of me.

“Take care of him for me, Evans,” She said as we went out of the wing, straight to the Whomping Willow.

The day had just begun and Remus was already in pain. I twisted the lid of the flask open,  “John, have this,” I almost cried when I saw his face wincing in pain.

“Thanks, Prims,” He said, forcing a smile. Too much pain hidden in that smile.

“Immobulus,” I said, practising my wandless magic. “Come on,” I said as I tapped his arm so he would follow me while he had his wolfsbane potion. He had been having the potion for a week prior to the full moon. 

“Don’t cry,” He stretched his hands out and eased my tears away.

“You were there for me when I cried.” I held his hand and patted the back of his hand, sending him to sleep with his arms around me.

I tried to get out of his embrace but as soon as I tried to move, he tightened his embrace. ‘Don’t eat me, when you turn, please remember you hugged me to sleep’ I said in my heart. I really hoped he heard my thoughts. 

The next thing I knew, a wolf was beside me, sleeping with his paw rested on my sides. I ran my hand through the wolf’s face and neck. ‘John, don’t hurt me,’ I crossed my fingers behind my back.

He snored as I creeped out of his strong wolf legs. ‘Stay’ I mentally said, hoping he would hear me. I walked out of the Shrieking Shack to find Sirius and James waiting for me after freezing the willow. 

“How was Moony?” James asked. “Are you okay?” He bombarded.

“James, easy,” I said as I held his arm. “Moony is sleeping. and I am okay. no bruises,” I said. I began losing my vision and I limped over Sirius before I lost my consciousness.