“Eye for an Eye” by Vicky Amadea – Episode 4


Sirius’ POV

Holly must have gone through a lot. I carried her to the Hospital Wing with James after she passed out. She hadn’t eaten all day since she said she was going to ‘play fetch’, picking up the werewolf remedy, accompanying Remus through changing and all. She had been so tough these days, especially every one week before the full moon. She usually eats a decent amount of food before keeping Remus company at the shack. I wonder why she skipped meals these days. Especially after those arguments with those Slytherins.

“Poppy, We need your help,” James shouted as soon as we arrived at the wing.

“What is it, Mr Potter?” Madam Pomfrey said as she walked closer to us. “Oh my dear, let’s put Ms Evans on the bed,” She instructed.

… She had been doing the self-harm. I hadn’t found out why,” I looked down.

“She passed out,” I said.

“Where’s Mr Lupin?” She asked. She knew Remus got a furry little problem and she agreed to help us with his condition every other full moon. 

“He’s at the Shack, sleeping,” James explained. “She had just finished her duty to keep him company.” 

“Seems like she was dehydrated, starved and stressed,” Madam Pomfrey examined her.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“A week staying here would be fine. You two can watch over her. I’ll check up on Mr Lupin after I treated her.” She said as she moved closer to Holly. “Don’t worry, Mr Potter. She’ll be ready before your first game of this season.”

“I’m more worried about her health, Pops,” James said, taking a seat beside the bed. “Sirius, can you get Lily here? she might have wanted to know about her twin sister,” he said.

“Will do, James,” I said, running through the hallway, up to Gryffindor’s common room. 

“Sirius, what happened?” Marlene asked as she saw panic drawn all over my face.

“Holly’s at the Hospital Wing,” I said as I looked for Lily. “Marls, where is Lily-pad?” I asked again.

“She is at the library with Alice and Mary. I’ll tell her about Holly. You go back and take care of her for us,” She said as she patted my shoulder.

I ran back to the hospital wing and found James helping Madam Pomfrey tending the unconscious Holly. “Lily, Marley, Mary, Dorcas and Alice will be here soon,” I said as I helped James setting the flower on the vase. 

“I’ll check up on Mr Lupin,” Madam Pomfrey said as she dashed to the Willow after I got back from the common room.

Morning is nearing. I could see we were at the brink of a dawning. Remus should have turned back to human by that time. Not long after that, Professor Slughorn, Professor McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey brought Remus in and laid him beside Holly.

Hospital Wing

Sirius’ POV

I was watching over her as Madam Pomfrey cleaned her up and I couldn’t believe what I saw next. Madam Pomfrey was cleaning her arm and I saw fresh gashes and marks trailing down her left and right arms right to her wrists. She had been trying to do self-harm. 

“James,” I called out James to see what I saw.

“What is it?” James asked.

“Look at her arms,” I said, pointing to her arms.

“Why would she do that?” he asked as he examined the fresh scars and the old ones.

“She had been holding up alone while she helped Remus and Lily,” I said, my tears were threatening to trickle down my eyes.

“Miss Evans would have to rest as much as she needed to. I’ll patch her wounds.” She said. 

I looked down and started to cry. “She had been so strong. Very strong enough to let us know that she’s okay while she literally is suffering.”

“Did Lily know?” James asked.

“We better not let her know about this,” I said, wiping my tears with my robes.

“Have you told Lily about Holly?” James asked and I nodded.

“How was Remus?” I asked.

“He’ll be okay. He was resting now,” James said as he crossed his arms, nodding to the bed beside Holly. he was slowly healing.

Not long after our conversation, Lily, Dorcas, Marlene, Mary and Alice swarmed inside the hospital wing looking worried as hell. 

“Black, where is my sister?” Lily asked. Her voice sounded so panicked.

“She’s there, Lily-Pad. Madam Pomfrey is still patching her up.” I said. 

“She’ll be okay, Lils,” Marlene tried to comfort her. 

“McKinnon, can I talk to you for a second please?” I asked as I pulled her away from the others.

“What is it, Black?” she asked.

“It’s about Holly, Marl. I watched Madam Pomfrey later today, she was cleaning her wounds and I saw nothing but knife marks down her arms. She had been doing the self-harm. I hadn’t found out why,” I looked down. “I didn’t know it before. She’s always wearing long sleeves and jackets aside from school robes to hide all of these.” 

“Oh, Black.” Marlene sighed.

“Just don’t tell Lily-Pad just yet,” I said.

“It’s a deal,” Marlene nodded and pulled me to join the others. 

I walked back to Holly’s bed and saw Remus limping to Holly’s bed and everyone was watching them from afar. He leaned onto the right side of her bedside and caressed her head. He has got to see that thing. Remus of all people might have known how to cheer her up and get her out of this. I was clueless. I didn’t know what should I do.

Lily was silently crying seeing Remus and Holly. “Black, tell me what had just happened,” Lily asked.

“She’ll be okay, Lily-Pad,” I said as I looked down. 

“I knew you hid something,” She said. “If you need my help, I’d be really happy to help.”

I was desperately trying to make eye contacts with Marlene who was standing beside Lily at that time.

“She’ll be okay, she’s just tired, Lils,” Marlene said and I sighed.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning, Black. Please look after my sister,” Lily said as she patted my shoulder.

“Thanks, Marls,” I whispered and Marlene nodded. “And Lily-Pad, she’ll be great with us,” I nodded to her.

“I trust you, Black,” She said as she went back to the common room with Mary, Marlene and Dorcas.

ilustrasi: Christian Wagner/Unsplashed